About Us

A warm welcome to all.
The Ipswich and District Detector club was formed in the early seventies by Jeff Short who also started Jeff’s Detector Shop in “The Walk” Ipswich. Many will remember the treasure chest in the window overflowing with coins and artefacts. The first committee consisted of Jeff (Secretary) Tex Butler (Chairman) myself as (Vice Chairman) Kelvin Gage, Paul Finbow, Roger Rackham and other founder members. The club meetings have always been run on a similar format as now with a guest speaker usually talking on a related subject.
Find of the month was and still is an important part of our club activities. This is divided into two categories, best coin and best artefact each receiving a splendid trophy. A few years ago we had a special award donated by Mrs Grimwood in memory of her late husband Albert, who worked so hard to promote the hobby. This award for the best Roman Artefact is known as “The Albert Memorial Shield”.
Reaching back to those early days a diploma was the prize. Bob Cornish who is competitions Secretary tells me he has attended virtually every meeting over the last 20 years and has polished this event to a fine art.
The club raffle has been an integral and important way of funding the club. This is vital as it lowers the membership fee to an easily affordable amount.
In those salad days the raffle depended on members contributing prizes, these days though we finance the raffle and Simon and Roger Fletcher do an excellent job in selecting good prizes and running the raffle.
There has always been a monthly newsletter that originally consisted of a single page. This has always kept members in touch with club activities, of course for many years Tom Knights produced a news magazine. Sadly though due to pressures of life Tom had to retire from this demanding duty, and we are once again back to a one page spread keeping members in touch with current affairs.
Our secretary, Trevor Southgate perhaps requires the patience of a saint for it is he who finds and books guest speakers covering a wide range of subjects, this is not an easy task and we are always looking for speakers covering associated subjects. 
Every month we have our friends from archaeology who help to record and identify finds. They are also a link for recording items covered under the new treasure act and will save you having to spend your time approaching the right people.
We have always been a family club encouraging youngsters into the hobby. This is highly educational, will broaden the mind, and give you fresh air and the beauty of the countryside with good comradeship. 
David Cummings,