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Finds Of The Month!

                  Anglo Saxon Silver Sceatta                                                           Medieval Dagger Chape

These coins date from 680-710 A.D. and often feature a bird on cross on the reverse, usually attributed to Kent.
(Found By John Varden)

The artefact is a Medieval Dagger Chape these had a leather sheaf sewn on to the metal chape to support a weapon, in this case a dagger, the idea was to protect the wearer from any unwanted damage with the tip safely inside the chape.
(Found By Phil Brummit)

IDDC 2024 Programme

  • January 30th (Faye Minter Updates Us On Anglo-Saxons in Rendlesham)

  •  Febuary 27th (IDDC Auction)

  • March 26th (Annual General Meeting)

  • April 30th (Graham Murchie The Eyes of The Few)

  • May 28th (Sally Sibley The Lives of Edith & Frank Pretty Before The 1939 Excavation)
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These May Change Due To Cancellation And Other Reasons.

  • June 25th (Anglo-Saxon Swords & Local Finds Reconstructed

  • July 30th (Daren Clarke East Anglian Tokens, Boy Bishops Onwards)

  • August 27th (Pip Wright The Greatest British Showman)

  • September 24th (IDDC Auction)

  • October 29th (Bob Entwistle Conservation Of Metals)

  • November 26th (Finds Display/Christmas Social)
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